From Kerry Douglas, Founder of BEAF

BEAF was originally created to purchase property that was leased by the Bolivar R-1 School District on behalf of the Exceptional Cooperative of the Ozarks. While the purpose of the Foundation has always been to assist the Bolivar R-1 School District, its teacher, its students and its graduates who are pursuing higher educational opportunities, the scope of services provided by the Foundation has greatly expanded over the years. Today, its primary focus is to provide scholarships through funds designated by donors to assist Bolivar School graduates with the costs of attending a college, university, vocation or trade school; and a growing program also provides scholarships from unrestricted funds to assist needy students of Bolivar High School who wish to dually enroll in both high school and a local cooperating college or university. BEAF currently administers over $1,750,000 in restricted scholarship funds, and over $200,000 in unrestricted funds that are available in the discretion of the Board to assist the district and its teachers to enhance the learning tools available to the students of the District, and from which dual enrollment scholarships are allocated.


In order continue to assist the district, its teachers students and graduates. The Foundation is reliant upon the generosity of donors. BEAF is a public charity under Section 501(c)(3)  of the Internal Revenue Code, and gifts to the Foundation are deductible for federal and state income tax purposes to the full extent provided by the relevant tax laws. The Foundation encourages Bolivar School graduates, parents of students and others interested  in advancing the educational opportunities of Bolivar students and graduates pursuing a higher education to consider the Foundation when choosing organizations for charitable giving, for memorial gifts and when developing or modifying an estate plan. While many charitable organizations devote significant amounts to fund raising efforts and administration, no director of officer of BEAF receives compensation and our costs of administration are nominal. Click HERE for a link to recent tax returns as filed with the Internal Revenue Service.